What is Backlink Strategy & How to Get Good Backlinks

You got into Internet Marketing to make money, right?  Well, you can’t make money without traffic and you can’t get traffic without a high ranking in the Search Engines.  So. . .what’s your plan to score the coveted #1 slot for your niche?  Here’s a hint!  With the new Google algorithm, your path to #1 will be nearly impossible without a killer backlink strategy.

What’s a Backlink Strategy?

Google ranks your site based, in part, on the number of other sites that Backlink to yours.  The more backlinks to your site, the better your chances for high rank.  But in the game of ranking, not all links are created equal.


Authority Sites Trump All Others

Some sites, called “authority” sites, carry more weight in the ranking process.  An authority site has usually been around for some time and has a high page ranking (PR) itself.  Usually these are sites with specific knowledge or support that users view as. . .well. . .authorities.

Ready-Made Backlinks

Whether you are just starting out or need to boost your web traffic, the easiest way to climb the rankings is just buy hq backlinks from trusted services, you can go with a “pre-made” link package.  Sure, you could spend a ton of time and effort trying to find your own links (and, of course, you can do that too!), but why wait?  We’ve already done the work and can get your site promoted and linked on some of the best, high-PR websites.

Highly-Valued .edu Links Included

Yes, we even include .edu links!  Why is that important?  Google LOVES .edu links.  The assumption is that if educational sites link to you, then you must be worthy of high rank.  Sound good?


Want to Learn More About Using Backlinks?

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